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Tram Electric was founded in 1981, and is rapidly building a tradition of quality and service in the electrical apparatus industry.

Our 40 years of experience have enabled us to build a reputation of dependability. We are ready to meet your needs and deadlines. You will find that Tram Electric, Inc. believes in quality that lasts, and that we stand behind every item that leaves our facility. Our goal is to make our customer's operation more reliable and profitable.

We strive to be the most customer service oriented and efficient supplier of electrical products and services. We want to become the unquestioned leader in meeting its customers' needs by exceeding expectations and always delivering the highest quality products and services on time, without error. We will realize this by teaming with employees and suppliers who perform to the highest standards.

At Tram Electric, Inc., we pride ourselves on the excellent word of mouth promotion that we receive. We have a large repeat customer base who know they receive prompt efficient service from our team of electric motor mechanics and winders. Tram Electric, Inc. only uses the best quality products and provides you with the backup and support service that you deserve.

Our customers benefit from our superior service. We adhere to strict employment of our operating principles for system improvements, client satisfaction, cost controls and quality controls. Honesty, integrity, fairness, craftsmanship and loyalty influence our daily operations and long-term strategies.

Tram Electric looks forward to the opportunity to earn your repeat business.

In closing, we'd like to share with you our ten commandments:

1 - Respect.

2 - Integrity.

3 - Honesty.

4 - Trust.

5 - Dignity.

6 - Two people can talk about anything; three people need to talk about business.

7 - What goes around comes around.

8 - Nothing is for sure and nothing is forever.

9 - Get along or get gone.

10 - Business is business and personal is personal, when personal interferes with business, there is only business.




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